I love being barefoot, I do wear shoes in public (’cause germs, duh) but around the house and in other people’s yards and whatnot, I ditch my shoes. I even teach  classes barefoot.   I just love the feeling of being barefoot. I will even go out in the winter barefoot.

I tend to be one of those people that spend more time in nature than most folks. I enjoy being outdoors and usually by myself, too.   I am really happy to be barefoot –and most of the time braless too –(that’s another story)  lol.   You know It’s always a joke about me and shoes because I am from WV, so surely I must be poor and shoeless. Lol.   Its so funny to hear those jokes. I just laugh!!    So even though I am past 40, I love being barefoot and I still love playing in creeks too just like when I was a kid, too!    I feel like when I have shoes on my feet are in jail I like to feel wild and free!  Even cold creek water just thrills me!!

Several years ago I started studying Nature Therapy, or Ecophyscology as it has now been termed. The reports and information on being barefoot were so interesting to me. I never thought of something simple as being beneficial. More and more research has come out on it and more and more books are being written as well.

According to Dr. Rossi (this comes from the book Earthing) there are 1300 nerve endings per square inch in your foot and so that is why walking barefoot on the Earth is beneficial. You are connecting the Earth’s electrons, and in doing so reducing stress and inflammation as well as other benefits to the body. (paraphrased not a direct quote).

Well I read this some time ago and I remember  thinking, I wonder if that’s why I like going barefoot? I have an unusual genetic ANS disorder (Dysautonomia-POTS) and  I have personally found that going barefoot makes me feel great!     So in my case,  whether there is research or not,    I don’t care!   I love it!!!      And as my daddy says, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


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Do you find it relaxes you? If so ditch your shoes and go enjoy the earth beneath your feet!

Here’s to your health


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