I hear it a lot as a health coach and herbalist, I don’t have time to X (eat better, get better sleep, practice self care, shop for healthier foods, make meals, etc.).   I need to find time to do X but its just not there.   Where is the time?  . Where do you find it? Is it under the couch? No not there.   What about in the attic?     Dang its, not there either. Oh I know where it is, its in the junk drawer.,  hell everything is in there.    Nope its not there, either.   Where is this time hiding?  CRAP, where is it!!


So a little humor there. But here’s the thing finding time is hard, but its not really finding the time as it is making it (whatever it is)  a priority.  We all have the same amount of time and everyone is busy, I know.  There are 1440 minutes in the day we all have them. Its what we do with them that matters. We need to make those minutes work for us and make priority on the things that are important and THAT is really the key.


So what is the answer?  Well here’s a tip to help you.  Sit down and write out the top 5 things that are priorities in your life. 1. Grand-baby 2. Snakes, 3. Turtles 4. Squirrels…     Ok probably not the average list, right, but you get the idea.


Where are you on that list? Most of us don’t have ourselves on that list. So we will NEVER ‘find the time’ to choose better foods, nourish our body, revive our soul, or practice stress management or self care.   So this is not a judgment, but we do need to find a way to make ourselves a priority.  So when you make more time to take care of yourself, you will find you will have more energy, you will feel better!!!


So its not that you don’t have time, this is just a limiting belief that may be keeping you STUCK!!!!   Maybe you have the martyr mom syndrome? or you feel you are not worthy of self care, or you think that burn out won’t happen to you.  Or   it’s just that its not a priority for you,  yet. Here’s the thing,  I hope you make yourself a priority now and if you need someone to help you with this limiting belief and getting unstuck, let me know, I am here to help!!! .  I hope you don’t find yourself in the ER with severe chest pains and total mental confusion like me from burning the candle at both ends.  Take care of yourself!  If you need support reach out to me and see if I have something that can help.

Much love!


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