I mean who doesn’t like cookies right?  But in some case those cookies are being consumed because of stress eating or what I call emotional eating (could be stress, frustration, lots of things).

Picture this.  I had been working on a turtle I was rehabbing for a while, I knew it was touch and go with her, I mean I really didn’t think she would make it, but as time went on I got a little more hope,    Then as more time went on my hope started to rise even more!   So I thought she was out of the woods  (Not Lucille yall she is fine)    Then BAM one day I wake up and she was dead.   I screamed profanities, then I cried like a baby,  I ain’t even gonna lie about it!   After I had my emotional outburst I went to the freezer and grabbed a gluten free cookie dough and ate like 2 or 3 of them.  UGGGHHH   emotional eating?  ……. yup guilty!     And at this point who was gonna challenge me on it?  I mean you don’t look at a 4th degree black belt and say don’t do that or else… lol, am I right?   That woulda been game on.   LOL     Discipline has to come from me, from within!


So here’s the deal…..   we NEED food, food is fuel, but we also need to have a good relationship with food. Life if about balance, this doesn’t mean you can never have anything sweet again….  and if you think I am gonna say that, well your are wrong….. keep reading.


A good relationship with food means eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full. But sometimes it just not as easy as that. When you find yourself eating for other reasons than satisfying physical hunger it is called emotional eating. Emotional eating can have different sources but the main reason you may eat,  even though you aren’t hungry,  is to fill up emotionally.  Raise your hand if you have been there….

By using food to satisfy emotional needs for love, belonging, connection and care it means that the void is being filled temporarily. I know what it’s like to feed feelings with food, rather than facing what is really going on.  That day with the turtle, for example.   It was not a great moment for me, even the mail lady saw my emotional outburst.  Whatever….

So join me for the mini challenge.  5 days  starting June 5th (an email every day) with tips and  ways we can deal with emotional eating and alternative to ‘eating da cookie’

But I like da cookie!  Yes I know you like da cookie, and you can still have some,  life is about balance, But let’s work on not using ‘da cookie’  it to fill a void or to comfort ourselves.

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