Many people consider Memorial Weekend the official start of summer.  Summer Solstice is around the corner and what’s better than to ring in the summer with some  yummy smoothies  to cool you down and fuel you up?

Join me for this FREE email challenge where you will get smoothie recipes.   You can easily add in, alter, or substitute similar ingredients  or any ingredient to fit you!!!    Don’t worry they will be yummy, easy and did I say yummy?  Oh right, I did.  Again add extras if you are more advanced, or keep them simple!  As always, its your world, and I’m just a squirrel.   Its  YOUR choice!


Its the perfect time put to use all those berries that are growing in your back yard and you are foraging for!   Oh wait, just me?  Well even if you don’t grow your own or have great blueberry patch, its still a perfect time to get in season berries and make some yummy smoothies!

Chocolate loving folks… you KNOW  I got you on this one too!   Sign up now and be ready on June 21 for the Summer Smoothie Challenge!  This is by FREE and by email only so you can go at your own page on this.   AND you can go back and save these and have them for future reference!


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