What is the reason an herbalist would go into wellness coaching?  Did you know that Chronic diseases account for 70% of U.S. deaths?    Skilled health and wellness coaches can help people struggling to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent and control diseases and have a better  quality of life so they can do more of what they love!

Besides passion for helping people achieve their health goals so they can live their passion there were other reasons why I chose to take on an additional certification in this field.  Here’s more on this…

As a Professional Herbalist, I always suggested and recommended good food choices beneficial for people to implement.   As I started doing this more and more, I realize that in most cases people needed a little extra support in the area of choosing healthy foods and wellness protocols (like self care for example). I knew that support could get best achieved with more time with me and guidance.   In most cases people know but may have a hard time taking steps forward and support can really go a long way.   I had been doing coaching (didn’t know that was the term for it at the time) informally and not really realizing it and was seeing people get more confident about reaching their goals and more dedicated.


Another issue or problem that I had was I saw a lot of with health coaches was the offering aromatherapy and herbal advice or selling products with little to no training or experience in the field.    In most cases, I saw that they didn’t have training in that area and I was seeing a lot of misnomer’s on certain herbs being promoted and in some cases unsafe usage of EOs and contraindication of herbal therapies with particular conditions.  Now I am not saying this to saw people weren’t doing their best, but the experience and foundation was just not there.  That really concerned me for the clients and for herbalism because I know how wonderful sound protocols are and what they can do for people.   I knew that somebody who had extensive training in herbalism, flower essence, reiki,  and aromatherapy really could benefit people in a deeper way because we can match the herbs and other holistic  therapeutics to a particular person in a particular situation instead of just doing a shotgun blast, or just suggestion X herb for Y condition. I knew that energetics and other training would bring more realistic benefit to people struggling with their health condition.


So my goal really, was to use my skills in herbalism and my skills as an empowering and motivating person (I’m a 4th degree black belt), to help inspire people, educate and motivate them.  I wanted to offer  that deep level support that they needed to change their health for the good with solid, holistic and science based practices.  I see clients with chronic illness or chronic situations (often exacerbated by stress and not making themselves a priority) and they can really get help to dig out of that deep hole that they are in and actually get some resolution with the right support from the right person that resonates with them.  Its a passion of mine to help others, because I know what it is like to struggle with an unusual illness exacerbated by stress, lack of self care, etc.  I used the protocol I learned over the years to help myself and I wanted to lend a hand to others struggling too!

So as somebody who’s been studying, practicing and walking in holistic ways for over 25 years but also has advanced training in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, and Reiki, I have the skills to bring a fresh eye to the situation. I can often limit the time and the process it takes for them to find the protocols that work for them and help them shorten their healing time so they can get back to their passion sooner, or choose a better path that really is their true calling. I can help get them the support they need so they feel better sooner rather than later.   Support, a fresh eye and a caring yet educated ear can go a long way for a person struggling….

That’s why I do what I do!

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