Do you rush through the day?

Maybe you don’t notice things around you and just get caught up in the busyness of every day life?

Do you feel like you are a tornado and just rushing through life? Do you feel like  you need slow down sometimes?

If so this is the email challenge is for you! In this is a free seven day mindful living challenge, we are going to bring in more ways to be mindful about our bodies and about things that go on around us.


In this challenge you will have access to information in small chunks daily.  to incorporate into your living practice to help you be more mindful.  The great part is that you can go back to the information and refer to it over and over again, if you fall off the horse you can start again because you will have access to the emails.  In this challenge we are not coming from a place of judgement about what we do, simply acknowledgment and mindfulness.


This is FREE,  so invite a few friends and join me so you all can help each other and do activities together.   You’ll learn to incorporate more ways to be more PRESENT in your everyday living.

What’s in it for me?  Well, did you know the incorporating more mindfulness in your daily living can help improve your sleep, lower stress levels and some people even report back better focus, less anxiety and clarity in their thinking?  Wow who doesn’t need that, I know I do! Many studies are now linking mindfulness to  emotional and physical well being in general so let’s explore this a little more together and see how it goes!  I’d love for you join me for this!

Sharing is caring send this to a friend too!  The challenge is free and will begin in August.  So  Get ACCESS HERE!

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