Do you often find yourself around 2 or 3 o’clock feel a little sluggish? Ready to reach for that cup o’joe? Not sure if you can make it to the rest of the day? Well if so you are not alone.


There certainly a lot of things we can do to help, but lets start with just a few to get you started and keep you from being overwhelmed.   One thing is to make sure your sleep the night before is restful!   We have not evolved to need less sleep and this is a huge issue I see in a lot of my clients these days!   Sleeping better the night before is can minimize or even eliminate that 3PM slump.

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Stretching: one thing I really like to do is stretch. I find just a few minutes of stretching in the morning after I get up and in afternoon (I also do it before bed too) can really rejuvenate me and gets my blood pumping. A little bit of stretching can really go a long way for you and benefit you during the day.  Stretching really can help be a nice natural pick me up right around that 3pm slump. Set your alarm on your phone so you will remember. If you don’t have your favorite stretches (like I do) and need some tips try this link



Power Exercise for 2 minutes: What’s a great think to do after a little stretch? Power out a few minutes of exercise. It doesn’t have to be fancy or full hard core sweat, just a little bit can also be another great pick me up and get you out of that habit of sitting. Again set your alarm for this or often it won’t happen. A couple minutes of just a few little things can really rejuvenate you and again get that blood pumping and flowing! This will help you feel like you can finish out the rest of your day. Since I’m not there with you physically one what I do personally. I will share this resource I found that I think is beneficial. watch that here


Snacking: Yes I said snacking I like to use the term grazing because during the day I like to graze on healthy (green and yellow light—no junky foods they don’t nourish you) foods and especially around that 3pm slump. Healthy snacking can really be a way to pick you up a little bit so I love nuts, seeds, fruits or veggies (fresh is best) or dried berries are awesome too. You can mix your nuts, seeds and dried berries together for an easy snack that can go with you if you and travel easier. Get more information about healthy foods from my E-Course HERE


I know personally these are the things that I do when I feel like I need a little extra pick me up and they really, really works well for me, so I wanted to share them with you! Good luck and hope this helps!

Before you start any exercise program please seek a medical professional to clear you for exercise. Information contained here is for educational purposes only.

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