The holidays can be very very busy time for most women (heck for most people in general), Women typically are the ones that carry the brunt of shopping and cooking and caring and tending to things. Now of course it’s not always like that but generally that’s what I see. So here so to give you three tips three tips to help you make it through this with a little more graze and not burn up your nerves. 😀


Tip #1:  Spread out your activities during the week and don’t cram in everything in one day. See what can move to another day so you can still take time each day to meditate or rejuvenate in any way that moves you.


Tip #2: Say NO! You don’t have to be wonder woman and say yes every project out there, you can say no! You can’t pour from an empty cup!  I see this all too often, and I was once that person. Saying no, is saying yes to you!


Tip #3: Delegate or outsource. if you already have a really busy schedule then you may want to take some time during the holiday and delegate some things or outsource them to someone else. Maybe you give yourself the gift of hiring a cleaner during the holidays, or an assistant in your business, or maybe you delegate a few more chores to the kids and your mate so you can no over do it. Spread the wealth a bit so you are not the YES person.

Be gentle and kind to yourself and remember you are only one person!  You cannot do it all! Take some time for yourself too!

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