Well is that time of year is that time of year and the season will we reflect back on the calendar year and think about some things that went really, really, well and think about some of the things that we definitely can improve on. So, December is the end of the Georgian calendar, many people se this time to look back at things and reflect and then make the next year plans, goals, etc. . I know personally, there are always thing I can improve on. I am always striving to be better, and find ways to really leave the world a better place, which is why I started my business to begin with, and why I give back to my community through wildlife rehabilitation as well.  Helping others is my calling.


So this year one of the things that I focused more on was self-care (each year I seem to get better and better with this, it used to be VERY hard for me) and actually limiting some of the things that I said yes to. You may be thinking, ‘well how does that leave the world a better place’ Let me elaborate. You see, I cant leave the world a better place if I burnout and crash, and stay on the couch all day.  You see many years ago I did that, I crashed from doing TOO MUCH you can hear more about my story on that HERE.   That helps no one around me (including wildlife, my personal animals, my grandbaby, etc.)


How can I help anyone if I am exhausted laying on the couch and unable to do anything?   So my word for 2017 was unstoppable. And one way to get there is to say NO sometimes to things, so I can say YES to me!


I did well saying ‘no’ to things that I knew would be overreaching for me or over-stretching me or that could impair my physical or emotional health,  so that I could say yes to more things for longer amounts of time, does that make sense?


I often have to remind myself is it NOT selfish to practice self-care!   And that is one thing I want to leave with you as well!   I am super excited for things that the next year will bring.    What is one thing you improved on in regards to your wellness?  Join the VIP group and tell us more!

I hope next year will be blessed beyond measure!

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