How did you sleep last night

Sleep is often something a lot of people struggle with, they are so busy and doing everything up until the last minute.   You know what though, its something so important in our health, why do we just shaken off, or completely ignore the importance of it? 

 I know many people have what I call the ‘wonder woman syndrome.’   They do, do, do and run, run, run.   They neglect themselves trying to please everyone else.  If this is you, then you know that can be hard.   But let’s face it you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

Sleep is one of the aspects of health that can get put on the back burner because you think, ‘well I can sleep when I am dead.’  if you say that you need this challenge

I know in my health and wellness,  that I ignored it (among other forms of self care) and it landed me in the ER with mental confusion and chest pain.  That was no fun AT ALL!       Now I am happy to say I feel better than ever and I reach out to other women struggling like I was.   

So, YES, you gotta sleep!  Look, our bodies not only rest and rejuvenate,  but also repair during restful sleep.     Each time of the clock a different organ or part if being nourished during sleep.   

So if this is something you struggle with I’d love for you to join me for this free email challenge where I will share tips so that you can get some more much needed ZZZZZZZZZsss

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