Do you have foggy thinking?  Do you have low energy or maybe feel very run during the day?  Keep Reading!

I see this a lot with women who have what I call the ‘wonder woman’ syndrome.  They run, run, run and do, do, do, They are the YES person and it takes a toll on their health.  .  Often they end up burning out and/or falling ill!   You see,  they often are people pleasers and they want everyone to like them and they have a hard time if people are upset with them.  So they say YES all the time and it ends up costing them!    In many cases they are headed to or in ‘burnout’

This was me and let me tell you a bit about what happened. .I was starting to have low energy, and having conversations I had forgotten I was so exhausted.  Well, one day I fell over and had to be taken to the ER. I had chest pains and mental confusion.   I was very scared wasn’t sure what was going on.

Well a few months later I was diagnosed with an unusual disorder that was being made worse by my lifestyle and lack of self care (what some people call burnout).  I was running myself into the ground, for real!

I remembered sitting in my Cardiologist office in tears and they said to me they didn’t know what else they could do for me .  I just remembered I felt hopeless and wasn’t sure where my health would end up.   So I went home and GOT REAL with myself and developed  a plan to make myself a priority to help me get my life back. MY life not everyone else’s to do list    Well, thankfully, my life has never been the same since. In fact I feel amazing now and now I am working on my blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu and give back to my community through my work with wonderful animals like hawks owls, snakes and turtles.


I am so passionate about what happened to me, I am reaching out to other women who struggle as well.  So I though I would share a few of the areas that are ‘make it or break’    If you are struggling– reach out to me and see if I have any resources that can be helpful.


So here is a reality check. And this may sound harsh,  BUT……..  you need to hear it.   People  will talk about you, people are going to be mad at you, people will reject you in some way or form. .  I got hate mail not too long about simply for being a martial artist.    Whatever, that’s on them that is NOT ON YOU!!!   Those are their issues not yours.  So, no matter what people will dislike your for something. Trust me on this one!    So hey, you may as well take care of yourself so those people that really love you and care for you,  will have you longer in this world.   What is your passion?  If you are everyone’s yes person you can’t live it!

.   Neglecting yourself and running yourself into the ground helps  NO ONE! The world needs you and your gift! 

Read that again.

So here are a few ways that people often sabotage their health without even realizing it. Now are these the only ways?  No but these are the top things that I see and I want to share them with you as a place to start!  If you need support inbox me and see if I have any resources to help you!

Skipping Meals:  This was huge for me! I skipped a lot of meals and didn’t do healthy snacking like I knew I should!  (Hey no one is perfect, right?) . Now I take time to eat and snack on nutrient dense foods so that I am constantly fueling my body. If you are fueling with junky foods, think again. You need real food to nourish those cells!

Stress: Wow stress is a big one for me! How about you?  It can be easy to get overwhelmed! Between politics, daily stressors and then major life events, Stress can take its toll. But taking time out during the day and just sitting quietly can make a huge difference.  Grab a few tips HERE, 

Compromising your Sleep:  This happens a lot, you have so many people or things pulling you in so many different directions that you start to cram so much into your days that you compromise on your sleep. You need to sleep to rest and rejuvenate yourself. If you need help check out a resource HERE.

I hope this is helpful, chose one thing you can do and write down an action step to help you!

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