What if you had a system for setting goals and actually meeting them?  What would that be life for you?

Well before you keep reading grab yourself a cup of herbal tea , relax and enjoy reading…

I don’t know about you, but most of us have struggled in, one way or another, on goal setting and meeting those goals.

Well no more struggle!  I have been using this after I learned it and I LOVE it,

I hadn’t noticed much information on the internet about it so I wanted to share what I learned  about it and how I am putting it into practice.  Personally, it has helped me stay on topic with a particular goal that I was dragging my feet on.



G-GOAL– A specific goal go here if you need help.

B-BENEFIT- Go DEEP here. Let your mind keep going and going on the benefits of how this goal will look when you achieve it.  (Take a lot of time here)

B-BARRIER-Be realistic about this. What may be stopping you.

P-PLAN– Make a Plan. Make a plant that works for YOU (not your neighbor)






Preparation: Before you start this activity, grab some paper and set aside some quiet time. Relax and do some deep breathing.  Put your hand on your heart and say, and really connect your heart to the goal and see if its really your goal!  Then say I got this and follow the rest of the steps! 

The more quiet time you have, the better this resource will help you!   You cannot doing it in your head.  Get paper and pencil No computer! Enjoy!


Remember just giving yourself 5% more over time adds up! Hope this helps! Here’s a sample:


Goal: My goal is to relieve stress. (Be more specific) I want to get a massage once a month, that’s a great self-care activity. Or I want to spend 2 Days in Nature each month. Etc.


Benefits: I will be more relaxed. When I am more relaxed I am less grouchy. When I am less grouchy my family is happier. When I am happier I am kinder to others. When my family are happier we have a better day together. When I feel better I eat healthier. When eat healthier I have more energy, and spend more time doing playtime (my word for exercise) and so on. See how that goes? Keep going on and on with this part!


Barriers: Money. Time.


Plan: If I had more money I could schedule a massage. If I lowered my cable bill each month I would have the money to do the massage, and that more important than TV I rarely watch anyway.

If I had more time I would go to the woods. If I plan my days better and limit distractions, I will get more done and then have more time to go to the woods. So if, I time block and put my phone on airplane mode I could easily squeak out 2 more hours a month.


Now of course this is a short example, but do you see how this works?  Ask yourself how it could work for you.  Now Find a topic, start small and use this model and see how it works for you.  Report back on the FB page  #GBBP and let us know how it went.


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Source: FMCA Dr. Lynn Johnson Webinar