Everyone has been there!  That STRESSFUL day where nothing seems to go right.   You feel like all hell is breaking loose.

I recall one day in particular where I came home and almost threw up the event was so stressful!    My friend Mary Jo (a fellow Reiki Master/Teacher) said, do you need me to come over.

I said no, I am good. But I wasn’t really good.  I felt like I was going to die, to be honest.

Now if you are a human, too, like I am, then you probably have stress, as well  Some days are really bad and you need a ‘go to‘ that can help.  So I am giving you my top three!



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So I hope these 3 Ways I list can be a resource for you.   Join us on the VIP group and tell us which one  of these if your favorite!


Music: Music is a great way to relax you and improve your mood!  So put on your favorite playlist and DANCE! Or, put on your relaxation list and meditate or take a hot bath, but DO get your music on! It can really make a huge difference!


Pet Therapy:  My Irish Terrier is a retired agility and therapy dog (Ginger Pye).  . And yes animals are therapy!  This is why they have fun vests and certifications (yes GP does have her uniform) .   . They can bring joy and relaxation to a stressful day. So whether you have a dog, cat,  birds, or reptiles,  even if they don’t have a uniform, or a fancy certificates, you can still spend some extra time with them and get the benefits  They and you will be thankful!


Herbal Tea time with a Favorite Funny Movie: I saved the best for last! 

You know the one movie you don’t admit to your more sophisticated friends that you watch, but secretly you love it (coughs Stepbrothers).

So here is what I do I grab a cup of Tulsi or Lemon Balm tea (grab the recipes in my free gift below), and I put on that movie. I relax and laugh!!!  Herbs and  Laughter are great medicine.  You deserve to take some time and relax,  so do it!

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3 Ways to Brighten a Stressful Day