Did you know that everything around you is alive and talking to you?  What is your furniture saying?  What does your art say?  Does it make you happy or sad, have guilt or joy?  Do you have rooms in your home or office that you spend more time in than others?  I am here to tell you a little about Feng Shui and how through Feng Shui eyes you can create harmony and balance in your home or office.  Feng Shui is the Ancient Chinese art of placement.  Simply this means that through intention and placement of items in your home you can create and achieve what you desire in life.  Your home is your place of rejuvenation, nourishment, and family time.  If your home is out of balance then you tend to be out of balance.

So how does one go about achieving balance in their home or office?    In Form Feng Shui we use what is called the Bagua Map, which originates from the I Ching and has eight trigrams or you could call them ‘special areas of life’.  We use the Bagua as a tool to locate these special areas and enhance them.   We also, look at clutter as holding you back in life.  Clutter blocks us from achieving our highest potential.  Why are we holding on to so many things, especially when we live in such an abundant world?   Do the items that you have reflect who you are today or who you were once upon a time?

Does this mean I can only decorate my house with Asian décor? No.  I work with each individual with their design preference to achieve a space that empowers you not only on your good days but on those rainy days too!

Here is a tip to get started, pick the room that you spend the most time in and look around at everything in the space and ask the following questions.    Do I love everything in this room?   Does everything represent who I am today?   Is there anything broken in the space?  Is there anything including photos that make you sad, feel guilty or lower your energy?    Remove, donate, or recycle anything that no longer serves you.  If you don’t like that art that Aunt Martha gave you 20 years ago, repurpose it to someone who will love it.   If you are having a bad day and your space makes you feel sad, guilty or down, than how are you going to turn that day around and make it a great day?

Feel free to call for a Feng Shui Consultation.  I look forward to helping you achieve balance and harmony in your life!

Kim Goeltom, Feng Shui Practitioner


About Kim:

Kim has been a Feng Shui practitioner for over 10 years.   She is certified as an Essential Feng Shui Practitioner by the Western School of Feng Shui as well as by Dr. Yan’s Feng Shui Institute.   Feng Shui became one of her passions in 2000 when she first learned about the principles of Feng Shui and how they could impact a person’s health and wellbeing.   Today Kim uses Feng Shui to create balance and empowerment in homes and offices across the U.S.   https://fengshuikim.blogspot.com/