I love growing herbs, I also am a BIG fan of using tree medicine and invasive plant species as medicine too.  I let my weeds grow as well. So between weeds, herbs I grow and my local trees, I have the majority of medicine I need.

Japanese honeysuckle, for example, I know I know, most naturalist hate it, but it does make a great medicine. So I encourage people to use invasive and weeds as well.


Today I want to talk about three of my favorite and easiest to grow herbs that I love for busy women.  Why these? Well you may not be a master gardener or naturalist and want to get started but need easy.  So these are all easy to grow and use!  I believe its better to start with easy yet effective.  This will help you up your success and then you will be more likely to find other herbs later on to grow!  And I am all about supporting people to grow their own medicine!    I hope that you’ll try it today and then you will have medicine all the time anytime you need it you don’t have to go to the herb shop.


Peppermint- (Mentha piperita)

Peppermint is not always thought of as a stress relieving herb,  however I do love Peppermint tea because it is uplifting yet relaxing.  So this is a great herb to turn to when when you’re stressed and overwhelmed and you want to relax a little bit. Another way I use it is when I am frazzled and I need to  get a little more clarity. So it helps me relax and focus better!   So its a great basic herb that I love and encourage people to grow if they are new to herbs.Peppermint is great for digestion (which often gets compromised during stress) and its super easy to grow.  Peppermint is relaxing yet can help you with focus. So its great for an afternoon pick up!. Its a wonderful tasty tea and I hope that you will grow it today.


Lemon Balm (Melissa officinales)

Lemon balm is one of my go to herbs for stress!!!  It grows great!  I use it for so many things,  in fact I had so much of it I made a lemon balm mead with it I love lemon balm  it is great for stress and it has such a great taste too!  I probably would write for three days about it.  I won’t let’s just say its a great herb to know and grow! I hope you will research it more and try growing it and using it yourself!


Tulsi (Ocimum species)

Holy Basil, or Tulsi is another one of my go to herbs that I believe people should know and grow.  I love Tulsi for the modern lifestyle that tends to be busy and sometimes overwhelming.  This herb is great as a tea and helps with stress and digestions as well (certainly other things too).  Its super easy to grow.  It also makes a great elixir as well. (So many options for this great plant. I always suggest people start with teas and then work up to learning more.


You can read more about each of these plants HERE 

Make sure when you harvest you harvest healthy plants,  and dry your tea properly so no mold occurs.

When I started growing my herbs, this was my go to resource.  This often be found at your local library. HERE

You can get medicinal seeds or starter plants  HERE

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