We are living in unique times. Times of constant stress, busy lifestyles, lack of self care. Not to mention constant exposure to technology, pollution, poor diet, etc.

We need support.  As an Herbalist I love nourishing herbs, and foundational practices, and also I love the extra support that flower essence provide.

As someone who is an empath (or a sensitive soul) and someone who works with empaths one on one, and in my 90 Day program,  I really find I need flower essences to help me (and my clients) with stress, overwhelm, negativity,  and other issues that can affect empaths or sensitive souls. This may be you if you feel like you wear your heart on your sleeves, so to speak. Or you have developed a thick exterior to protect you from the outside world. (That’s me for sure).

Flower Essence are herbal water preparations made in particular way (ethically done and lovingly prepared)  from flowering parts of plants (or trees) that help address mental and emotional wellness.

Many people know of or have heard of Bach Remedies. but there are many more options out there and many Herbalist, like myself,  do our own preparing of uncommon and common flowers or trees as essences.  In fact I even make snake shed essence (not what you think most likely lol).

Today I want to talk about my top 3.  Each essence should be matched to the person, but these are ones i tend to refer to most and seem to stand out for these time.

Dandelion– Dandelion was one of the very first flower essence I ever made. Its also one of the first foods for bees as well so it very special.  I love Dandelion for women who struggle to set boundaries. They are super busy, and often feel bad for saying no, or they want to say no and just can’t (often for fear of not being liked by others. But you know what someone doesn’t like you, right this second there are people who can’t stand you (or me) so, no matter what you are going to have those people.  Use Dandelion flower essence to help you set better boundaries with others. Great for people who are type A, over worked and under play.

Violet-  I love Violet for people who are very sensitive (they may consider themselves empaths or sensitive people, like me) I feel like it brings calmness on days when the energy around me is chaotic. I also like violet for people who tend to be shy or introverts and feel like they need support when they ‘get out there’ or need  help showing up (like business owners, for speaking, etc). Violet can also help us develop trust (with discernment) and inner confidence. This one goes well with Red Maple  and Tulip Poplar Tree essence to help bring in grounding  (RM)  and inner spiritual strength (TP)   as well.

Vervain- I love Vervain flower essence for people who feel like they are experiencing nervous exhaustion.  They are often ‘type A, strong willed or prone to over exhaustion because of overreaching or being ‘driven’. Sometimes there are so many negative things around you, that you feel like you are drowning.  Its so helpful for people who feel on edge and over the edge more often than not. People often feel very tense and experience tension symptoms, like headaches. (this goes well with magnolia flower essence by the way to help move those symptoms through the body). Sometimes these are the people that feel like they are always having to overreach or strive to do more, more and more. I also like adding in Dogwood Tree Essence goes well with, to help bring the inner child back into place.

Try these separately at first then blend them for an even better remedy to help you remain calmer and manage those rough days!  If you need an ethical  source for these simple send me an email

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