So,  we have set a great goal for our health, wellness or even business etc.  But sometimes we often get stuck in daily life.  I mean it happens right?

The dog gets out of the fence, your favorite mug breaks just getting it out of the dishwasher, you stub your toe not once but twice in 5 minutes, and now you are just DONE!  Ever been there? Just me!?

Mindset can get us OUT of the rabbit hole that is  leading us deeper into destruction. (Which cottontail nest are shallow so not sure where that came from.  #wildliferehabber lol)

Oh back to the topic, sorry.  Well check out some of the mindset hacks I have used over the years to help me! I hope they help you too!


Choose One Word: Choosing one word (either a word for the day, week or even the year–I do a word for the year) can really help you when you get stuck in a ‘I can’t do this’ mode. Use your one word when you need to do the below activity. Choose your one word and share it HERE

Examples: Fearless, Worthy, Enough, Presence,  Positive etc.

I like to sit quietly by my favorite Tulip Poplar tree and listen to nature.   I just sit quietly and then a word comes to me. I have done this for several years now!  It works! I write it down in my planner and even set it as an alarm on my phone too to remind myself to stay on track with my goal.

Shut ‘er down.  Its easy to have one negative thing happen and before you know it you have gone down a rabbit hole of destruction.  One way is to shut ‘er down.  As soon as you feel this happening snap your fingers, flick your wrist with a rubber band and say ‘shut ‘er down. Then go right then and start saying positive or put on a positivity music play list and do something else.You can go to just repeating your one word.  My favorite song I do is HERE  I play it over and over and smile!  Even when I don’t feel like it.  It works to pull you out of ‘stinking thinking’ (Smiling is a entire other topic I’ll talk about later)

What’s going RIGHT?  Sit with a cup of tea  (I like to sit down with a cup of relaxing herbal tea –grab a free resource below to support you)   then write down 3 things that are going WELL or RIGHT for you right now! Even if it is small.  I am thankful for …..     I accomplished X.  Sometimes we forget how far we have come!  Let’s give ourselves credit where credit is due!


I hope this post helped you! If it did, please share it with 3 people who could use it as well

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