Stress can definitely take its toll on our bodies in many ways – physically, emotionally and mentally. I know in my case I was the ‘yes person.’  I didn’t slow down until I fell over with chest pains and had to go the the Emergency Room (don’t worry I got my mojo back)

I believe it is so important to take some downtime and take care of YOU.

You not only deserve it, but when you’re feeling rested and recharged, you can accomplish more and support others better.

Here are my top 3 ways to Relax Naturally.

Give yourself a Rejuvenating  Foot Massage

Make yourself an easy foot massage blend.  Here is my favorite  Aromatherapy recipe Its relaxing yet rejuvenating

1 Ounce of Jojoba Oil (I sometimes use olive oil as well)

4-5 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil

1 Drop of Peppermint or Spearmint Essential Oil

Note: I always start with a small amount of Essential Oils, A little goes a long way as they concentrated plant material and should be used ethically and with care. Leave out the mint if you feel its over stimulating. <3

Take a Relaxing Herbal Bath

I love a nice relaxing HOT bath with some aromatic Herbs

Grab an old, yet clean sock.  A tube sock works great!  Borrow your dad’s he keeps everything from 20 years ago.  lol

Add about 1/4 of cup of dried lemon balm or dried lavender tops to the sock and place the sock over the  faucet as you draw your bath. You can start with less and try it, this is the amount I use but I grow my own plants, so I have plenty!

After you finish running the water remove the sock, tie a knot in the top, and squeeze to release the excess water.  Then allow the sock it to float with you as you relax.

You may even like to light a few candles and have a sip of Lemon Balm Mead

This is great for those of you that grow lemon balm and always ask me what else you can do with it!

Take a Nature Walk

Go for a nature walk and visit your favorite tree, plant, pond, creek, etc..

I have a favorite trail at my local state park with my favorite Tulip Poplar Tree! I walk the trail barefoot and then visit the tree at the end of the trail.  I always come out feeling rejuvenated and relaxed! I turn my phone OFF (yes you can do that) and I often get great insight to things that are going on in my life as well.  Great activity!

I hope this is beneficial to you! Please share this with 3 friends who may enjoy it as well!

P.S. If you need more personalized support,  reach out to me and let’s set up a complimentary call to support you!