I don’t care how old you are it always seems that you’re going to have those, friends, family, coworkers, peers etc. who really feel the need to give you unsolicited advice. They mean well, but when you are already emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed and feel burn out, it often does NOT help!

That said, it IS supportive when you reach out for professional help and you should do that that’s where the real magic happens when you get the support of a professional who has been there and can help.

When you are emotionally exhausted or burnout, unsolicited advice or personal unproductive criticism doesn’t help! It just adds more fuel to the fire!

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”

Carol Burnett

So, after a few weeks of helping out at a Montessori school, I learned something very valuable that we model and teach the children. ‘That’s my work.’

I realized this works a lot more on just in school.  It’s works in everyday life. Your work is your work and your journey is your journey (again get support from a professional and when you ask a friend, of course that is different). Sometimes you have to remind other people, who you didn’t ask, gently that ‘this is my work and my journey.’

So the next time you get unsolicited advice and your frustrated and you’re not sure what to do in your tired. Try looking at your friend or loved one and putting your hands in your chest and saying this, ‘thanks for your help, but this is my work, this is my journey.’  Then stop talking. If they continue to want to talk about it, walk away, change the subject or and the text or conversation if needed.

We are an entire person and emotional issues can take a toll on our health!  The next blog I will talk about a few herbs that can support emotional health.

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Here is a cute video I thought would be useful to share!