I believe having a daily mantra or phrase can help with negative comes in. Over the recent months, I have gone through a divorce (after 26 years) release my heart dog (the hardest thing we have to do as pet parents), moved to another state away from my grandbabies for financial reason, and came across a lot of barriers, negative thinking and had an emotional roller coaster.  So yes, a little rough time.  
I recently adopted the Ho’oponopono. I spoke about this in this blog. This mantra is simple:
I’m sorry (seeking forgiveness to yourself and others as well as experiences)
Please forgive me (seeking forgiveness to others and even yes yourself)
Thank you (showing gratitude to yourself and all that is around you)
I love you (loving what you are already blessed with and taking 100% responsibility for yourself)
It’s that simple, yet it’s complicated too. I have placed this on a card to keep with me, and I give these out to people I meet during the day.
Practitioners, like myself, of this system, call it ‘cleaning’. Simply it is a way to release old data. This mantra can help open up new blessings.
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Functional Medicine Coach, RM/T, Plant & Mind/Body Medicine Educator