Peace after Abuse

August 27, 2021 Kelli Hughart
Your healing journey begins now!

Are you seeking more peace, calm, and happiness in your life after abuse?

Many of us have had negative or traumatic experiences like narcissist abuse have left us feeling angry, hurt, or disjointed. These negative feelings are very powerful and can keep us from living a peaceful life.

However, you don’t have to live like this! You can give yourself permission to change your life for the better, starting now. You can choose to defuse the negative power, I teach my clients a powerful tool to help!

It can be difficult to overcome the struggles we encounter. We allow many things to devour us from the inside. Life’s biggest hurdles, such as the loss of relationships, or being in a toxic relationship can compromise our peace, happiness, and calm.

  • Instead of allowing yourself to live in despair from your struggles, you can reprogram your mind to think positive and peaceful thoughts.

It’s not easy at first, but it can be done and hypnosis makes it easier and more effortless! How can you reprogram your mind? There are some powerful tools you can use to help you.

Another tool that I use, and used personally to recover from cPTSD, and mention in my book is power poses and affirmations. You can change your life by using affirmations and other important tools I talk about in my eBook (You can get that and a FREE hypnosis recording here.

Healing is not linear and can be messy, but what is worse is staying where you are and not regaining your happiness and calm and missing out on life’s precious moments. I remember my grandbaby saying to me, mawmaw why you so sad. I almost ended it one day, but his face saved my life. I vowed to get better, no matter what. And I did. Now I help others do the same and am around for my other grandbabies that came afterward.

I have been working with clients in my hypnosis and coaching practice to help them retrain negative thoughts and reshape their life and goals for the positive. It works!

It’s easier to incorporate affirmations and other mind-body medicine tools, than you may imagine. I teach this in my group program and with my private clients.

The first step is choosing a phrase like ‘every day in every way I am healing’. Grab these and other tools to support your healing journey in my free eBook!