This post focuses on a sensitive yet crucial topic: signs of sexual involvement with a narcissist. Intimacy is a deeply personal and vulnerable experience, and it becomes even more challenging when it involves a narcissistic partner. By understanding the red flags that may emerge in the bedroom, we hope to empower you with the knowledge to recognize potential signs of narcissism in your sexual relationship. So, let’s explore the subtle indicators and behaviors that may suggest you’re engaging with a narcissist during moments of intimacy and gain insight into navigating these complex dynamics.

  1. Lack of empathy: Narcissists often struggle to understand or show empathy for their partner’s feelings or needs, including during intimate moments, it is typically only about sex and no intimacy or kind nor caring sex. They often push you away or will walk away if you try to initiate intimacy and later blame you. Everything will be your fault, in and out of the bedroom!
  2. Infidelity: In most cases, when you are involved with a narcissistic there are many instances of cheating because they have no real intimacy; sex and validation are ‘love’ even though it is not. Additionally, when they do cheat, and most do, they will do so they blame you for the act.
  3. Self-centeredness: Narcissists typically prioritize their desires, pleasure, and satisfaction above those of their partner, which can manifest during sexual encounters. If they are unwilling at the moment, they will make fun of you, push you away, and so on, and then later blame you for not having relations within that time period. You will never be good enough for them.
  4. Manipulation and control: Narcissists may use sex as a tool for manipulation or control, seeking to fulfill their own needs while disregarding their partner’s boundaries or consent.
  5. Lack of emotional connection: Narcissists tend to have difficulty forming deep emotional connections with others, including in intimate relationships, leading to a sense of emotional disconnection during sex.
  6. Exploitative behavior: Narcissistic individuals may exploit their partners for personal gain or to boost their ego, using sex as a means to satisfy their own needs without considering their partner’s desires or well-being. They often tell others what their partner does or create lies about the bedroom activity to make them seem superior to others.
  7. Grandiose fantasies: Some narcissists may engage in sexual activities with a sense of entitlement, viewing themselves as superior or more deserving of pleasure. In many cases, there is manipulation or they will say they will leave you if you don’t do what they want in bed. This is often the reason they justify their affairs because of what you ‘don’t do.’
  8. Boundary violations: Narcissists may disregard or push against their partner’s physical or emotional boundaries to assert dominance or control.
  9. Emotional manipulation after sex: Narcissists may use emotional manipulation tactics after sexual encounters, such as guilt-tripping or gaslighting, to maintain power and control in the relationship.

The hard lesson here is that you will never be good enough for them no matter what you do (even against your will) in and out of the bedroom. As someone who has experienced the horrible issues of toxicity for many years and who went through torment in and out of the bedroom, it is important that I come forward and warn others about all aspects of the torment they portray on others.