Coping with Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder as a Highly Sensitive Person

As a highly sensitive person, I was a victim of abuse with intimate partner violence, for a very very long time and it began to chip away at my existence and triggered Dysautonomia POTS. For many years I didn’t know what was going on, you see, I struggled with nightmares, panic attacks, irritable bowel syndrome, anger and crying outbursts, migraines, and more! I had no idea I thought I was just going insane to be honest, until I was finally diagnosed by my provider with PTSD (which I later came to understand was complex PTSD).

However conventional therapies like medication and talk therapy didn’t work! So, I went on a quest to discover and natural-drug-free way of healing, and it worked! Now I share this method with others with whom it also works for as well!

Living with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) is often like navigating through a maze blindfolded. For many of us, therapy seems like the beacon of hope, the promised solution to unravel the complexities of our trauma. Yet, what happens when therapy becomes just another dead end? I know this struggle all too well.

I embarked on my therapy journey with optimism, hopeful that finally, I would find relief from the haunting of my past. But as sessions progressed, I found myself feeling increasingly worse and just spinning my wheels. I lost a day before the session to fear, guilt, and shame, which was a mess the day of the session and the day after as well. The strategies and techniques that worked for others seemed futile in the face of my overwhelming trauma. Each session felt like reliving the pain rather than healing from it.

As the weeks turned into months, I reluctantly decided to become a therapy dropout. It wasn’t an easy choice. I knew there had to be a better way and I was determined to find it! I was giving up, I just knew this wasn’t helping.

Leaving therapy wasn’t the end of my journey; it was the beginning, a pivot point. I began to explore alternative paths to healing, integrative protocols like plant therapy, trauma-informed coaching, hypnosis, and aromatherapy. Therapies that resonated with me on a deeper level. From those mentioned previously to mindfulness practices to creative expression like photography, I discovered a toolkit uniquely tailored to my needs. I looked at the research and as I went through my doctoral program I layered more of these tools to heal myself, naturally. I now teach others who are struggling with these tools as well.

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