Wounded Heart Warrior

 Group Program: Help You Reclaim your Life and Heal from Burnout or Complex Stress(CPTSD)  Through the Clinically Proven, Evidence-Based Process of Mind-Body Medicine and Hypnotherapy.

Trauma rewires your brain to see danger everywhere.

Clients often exhibit distortions of emotion regulation, pervasive negative self-concepts, and difficult interpersonal relationships like lack of trust.

It is characterized by severe and persistent feelings of shame, guilt, and failure. Other side effects of trauma include flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares, night terrors, and more! 

Mind-Body Medicine and Hypnosis to Support Burnout and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.

Mind-body medicine tools have been proven to build new pathways called neuroplasticity, which can lead to calm and happiness.

What is Complex-PTSD?

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder, C-PTSD, is an extreme stress-based response due to prolonged or repetitive events like childhood emotional abuse, domestic violence (i.e. financial, sexual, emotional, or physical abuse).

Hi, I’m Kelli! I am an expert in an evidence-based method of healing called Mind-body medicine and clinical hypnosis. Mind-body medicine is a new, modern revolutionary approach to emotional and physical wellbeing. Experts like me don’t rely on fads, or smoke and mirrors. We promote healing that includes a wide range of behavioral and lifestyle interventions that are on an equal basis with conventional medicine.



How do I know?

From previous toxic relationships, I developed Complex-PTSD. Therapy, while helping me validate my feelings and the ‘war zone’, was not enough. I needed more!  I reached out and got support through tools I learned in my doctorate program at Saybrook University (an accredited institution in the US).

The road to recovery was not overnight, but I learned secret tips, tricks, and bio-hacks to speed my progress and I want to share them with you too!.

Is this virtual?


Highlights of Course

Plant-based Therapy

Herbal, Aromatherapy, and Flower essences are proven by science to support the nervous system. They can reduce stress, support sleep, and promote energy. Most conventional protocols do not address these issues, naturally.


Trance Based Modalities

Trance-based modalities offer a gentle yet profound approach to supporting recovery and cultivating resilience and healing from within. Guided imagery and hypnosis support healing a the subconscious level.



A powerful tool offering a pathway to release stored tension, regulate the nervous system, and promote emotional balance, allowing individuals to cultivate greater resilience and reclaim a sense of inner peace and well-being.

Functional Medicine Protocols

Functional Nutrition and addressing the gut microbiome can support speedier recovery. One of the most overlooked protocols by conventional medicine, yet one of the most important. Thus included here. 

Mind- Body Medicine Tools

Mind-body medicine offers a holistic approach to supporting recovery. Integrating the power of the mind and body to promote healing, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being through practices such as mindfulness, meditation, shake therapy, creative writing, and relaxation techniques to support a deeper level of healing


Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

CPTSD/Trauma Recovery

Stress Management


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