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Reverse Burnout: Herbal Strategies to Transform Stress to Calm

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Feel like you have to be ‘wonder woman’ and you say yes to everyone?

  • Starting to feel run down tired all the time?

  • Are you sensitive, (introvert or an empath)  and its wearing you down?

  • Have Foggy Thinking or ‘forgetful’    

  • Have low energy during the day,  but try as you might you can’t sleep at night? 

  • Have trouble turning your mind off at night?

  • You are a small business owner or solo-preneur and your health is suffering which means your business is suffering

Well, don’t worry, if you said YES to any of these, you are in the right place and I CAN help! 

Set aside some time, just for you, for once, and learn more about my personalized herbal approach, and get some of my favorite tips and resources to get you started right away to transform stress and overwhelm to CALM!

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Hi I’m Kelli Hughart  I am a Practicing Herbalist, Traditionally Trained Reiki Master/Teacher & Functional Medicine Health Coach.

I help solo-entrepreneurs, and sensitive women (introverts or empaths), who struggle with overwhelm,  and low energy. I help educate and support them so they can get solid herbal tips to relax, and regain their energy  so they can experience more success  and joy in their family life and business.

I am the creator of several programs, teach and make my own herbal medicine, and am a speaker at local, online workshops and events and am currently authoring a book on the topic as well. 

I have been leading others on their quest for wellness with natural remedies for 10 years, professionally, and in my own journey and with family and friends many many years beyond that! 

I have advanced certifications in Clinical Herbalism, Clinical Aromatherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Health and Wellness Coaching and am currently a Functional Medicine Apprentice Coach.