Two Hypnosis Recordings PLUS Bonuses!

Want to Experience Hypnosis from a Doctoral Level Trained Professional?

Have you ever:

  • Lost track of time while doing something you love, like a hobby?

  • Lost track of time while reading a book or watching TV?

  • Or perhaps you even missed your exit when you were driving because you were lost in thought or listening to music?

If so you are practicing a natural state called trance.

We all do it!  

In hypnosis, we use this exact state for your benefit and to help you achieve your own personal goals.

Hypnosis can also help you: 

  • Sleep better

  • Feel calmer in stressful situations

  • Reduce inflammation in the body

  • Have more focus and clarity

  • Improve comfort 

  • Better decision-making skills

  • Support better outcomes for those with chronic illness

  • Support better outcomes with those who have anxiety/depression or other similar challenges


Requirements: An open mind, and a quiet uninterrupted place where you can relax. Contraindications: Not for people with psychosis.  


Now you can learn to harness that exact state of trance for your own benefit!  You can use your mind like a goal-gaining machine.

In these two hypnosis sessions, you will be guided through problem-solving hypnosis recording and empowered wise self,  that can help you:

  • Find more energy

  • Find balance in life

  • Learning how to problem-solve more effectively

  • Allowing the unconscious mind to do the heavy lifting so that you can get out of your own way and achieve your goals

  • Gain better self-esteem and confidence so you can stop spinning your wheels and 'win' in your own way

  • Step into your own power so you can set better boundaries and have better self-care so you can sleep better and feel energized during the day.

  • One session of hypnosis reduces inflammation and supports immune health, reduces pain, supports the nervous system and cardiovascular health and mental health as well.

  • Consistent use magnifies the above benefits and can reduce anxiety and reduce depression

Hi, I am Kelli Hughart, PhDc, CPC, RM/T, FMCHC.

Founder and Owner at Sweetwater Wellness Center.  I am an Author, Speaker, and Thought Leader. Some of my education consists of: 

  • Integrative Clinician: Seeing clients for over 10 years)
  • 30 years of personal learning and personal practice
  • Doctoral-level education in Mind-Body Medicine (Integrative Health Science) accredited school in the US
  • Certifications in 
    • Clinical  and Applied Hypnosis (Trauma-Informed)
    • Hypnotherapy (Trauma-Informed and Transpersonal)
    • Clinical Master Herbalism
    • Clinical Master Aromatherapy
    • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
    • Reiki Master Teacher
    • Certified Professional Coach (Trauma-Informed Life Coach)

Some of my clients lowered or got off of medications, saving them cash! Others made leaps on goals they struggled with for years, saving them time and money! 



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What's included in this PDF eBook

  • Problem Solving Hypno-recording with suggestions of increased comfort, energy, and balance of emotions ($225 Value)

  • Empowerment Hypnosis Recording to strengthen you from the inside out ($225 Value)

  • 22 Ways to take care of You eBook ($47 value)

  • Autogenic Script to help you sleep better at night ($47 value)

  • My personal herbal tea recipe to help you reduce stress and have more energy during the day ($27 Value)

  • Access a personalized session with me to see how hypnosis can help you or a deeper and more personal level ($97 value)