Warrior Within Workshop

The Warrior Within: 3 Tools to Improve Mood, Naturally

Workshop by Kelli Hughart, PhD(c)

Are you tired of feeling trapped and overwhelmed by your chronic illness?

Ready to discover a few proven tools that, according to science, may support the reduction in symptoms and help improve your mood, and bonus support sleep and energy, all naturally?

Look no further than this virtual workshop to discover some of the easy tools I use and teach my clients! 

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Kelli is an absolute game-changer. She meets you exactly where you are and really listens to your unique challenges and goals. With her expert guidance and incredible skill, Kelli has helped me transform my life. As someone living with a connective tissue disorder, chronic pain, and brain fog, I can attest that Kelli’s techniques have been nothing short of life-changing.

Since working with Kelli, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my daily comfort level, and I’m able to be more focused and productive than ever before. I can’t wait to continue working with Kelli and experiencing even more incredible transformations in the future. If you’re looking for a true expert in hypnosis who will help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges, Kelli is the answer!  Crystal (KY)

In This Workshop, You’ll Get:

🌟 Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom and expertise of a holistic healer, practitioner, and coach who also understands what it’s like to have a chronic condition and ways to bring a deeper level of support, naturally.

🌟 Easy Tools: I share evidence-based tools that have been linked to improvements in physical health, including lower blood pressure, improved immune function, reduction in pain, better sleep quality, and improved outcomes for those with chronic conditions.

What Awaits You:

🌈 Practical Tools: Discover practical tools, techniques, and practices that empower you to take control of your well-being. From self-care to stress management strategies, you’ll acquire invaluable skills to confidently navigate your journey.

🌈 Personal Transformation: Witness your own transformation as you embrace this new tool, practice it and allow it to support your mindset, develop resilience, tap into your inner strength and support a better mindset and lead happier days ahead.

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Hi, I am Kelli Hughart, PhDc, CPC, RM/T, FMCHC.

Founder and Owner at Sweetwater Wellness Center.  I am an Author, Speaker, and Thought Leader. Some of my education consists of: 

  • Integrative Clinician: Seeing clients for over 15 years)
  • 35 years of personal learning and personal practice
  • Doctoral-level education in Mind-Body Medicine (Integrative Health Science) accredited school in the US
  • Certifications in 
    • Clinical  and Applied Hypnosis (Trauma-Informed)
    • Hypnotherapy (Trauma-Informed and Transpersonal)
    • Clinical Master Herbalism
    • Clinical Master Aromatherapy
    • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
    • Reiki Master Teacher
    • Certified Professional Coach (Trauma-Informed Life Coach)

Some of my clients lowered or got off of medications, saving them cash! Others made leaps on goals they struggled with for years, saving them time and money! 



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