Menopause ECourse

How can Functional and Mind-Body Medicine Modalities Help Menopausal Symptoms?

What if you could feel better faster, naturally and drug free?

Do you have:

  • Insomnia? Trouble Sleeping?

  • Hot flashes?

  • Memory issues or brain fog?

  • Muffin top or stubborn weight?

  • Increased Anxiousness?

  • Low Sex drive or reduced interest?

If so you are a perfect candidate for my 4 Week Natural, Integrated Medicine based Menopause Class

In this class you will learn resources to help you to

  • Sleep better

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Have more focus and clarity

  • Feel more comfortable in your body, moving through menopause with ease

  • Reduce Hot Flashes

  • Break through the weight plateau

  • Learn the top supplements and functional medicine based protocols to help, plus access to hypnosis recording for support!

 $1997 Value

This may also for you if have

  • PMS

  • heavy periods

  • irregular periods

  • endometriosis 

 me and Slainte river

PLUS!!! Bonuses

(Worth Over $400)

Here are the bonuses to help you gain more traction:

Hypnosis Recording (Value $225)

Herbal Tea Resource to Reduce Stress and support detox pathways ($27)

Self Hypnosis Class to help you learn hypnosis to reduce hot flashes instantly ($27)

Herbal Suggestions for Mood  ($47)

22 ways to take care of you handout ($27 )

Free access to a program to go sugar free naturally ($97 value).

Plus WAY MORE! Value over $1000







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I’m Kelli! I am an author and my work has also been in peer-reviewed clinical hypnosis journals. I’m on a mission to educate everyone on the benefits and value of hypnosis and how our minds can be used to attain personal goals. 

I’m the owner of Sweetwater Wellness Center.  I am also a Speaker and Thought Leader on trauma recovery.

My education consists of: 

  • Practicing integrative wellness for over 10 years (seeing clients)

  • 30 years of personal learning 

  • Doctoral-level education in Mind-Body Medicine (Integrative Health Science) accredited school here in the US.

  • Independent Study in Cognitive Behavior Hypnotherapy from the United Kingdom

  • Certifications in 

    • Clinical  and Applied Hypnosis (Saybrook University)

    • Hypnotherapy (Trauma-Informed and Transpersonal)

    • Clinical Master Herbalism (AHG approved School)

    • Clinical Master Aromatherapy (NAHA Approved School)

    • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (IFM, NBC-HWC, and ICF approved program)

    • Certified Professional Trauma-Informed Life Coach (ICF approved)

    • Hypnosis and PTSD

Most of my clients lowered or got off of medications, saving them cash. Others made leaps on goals they struggled with for years, saving them time and money!


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