Information for New Clients

Information For Clients

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My clients say that ‘Kelli is the real deal’ and I am known as the ‘no fad zone’ practitioner.

Here’s what happens on a call with me:


  • Getting clear on your vision and goals!

  • Identifying barriers to stopping you!

  • Having a person on the other end of the line that is knowledgable, caring and experienced.

  • Feeling like you have a roadmap in front of you so you can get where you are headed.

  • BONUS: After our call together I will send you a FREE video demo and PDF to get you started nourishing your body with herbs right away!  


Benefits of Working With a Skilled Coach

  • Increased Energy- Learn to nourish the Mitochondrial cell to promote energy. Herbs and Natural Ways to Boost your Energy so that you can do more of the things you are passionate about.

  • Improved Sleep!  Feel bright-eyed instead of feeling like a zombie! Get my favorite Aromatherapy Linen Spray recipe to support you.

  • Happier Emotions!  Discover Herb, Mind/Body Medicine, Flower Essence and other natural solutions to help calm the tide of emotions that come with exhaustion and overwhelm.

  • Sharper Focus!  As you practice more mindfulness and connect with natural ways to relax, you gain more focus and more creativity. Which means more productivity in your life and business. Creativity is foundational of successful entrepreneurs. 

  • Positive Outlook! You’ll discover how mindset can help you to see what is possible in the future instead of the negative right now.

  • Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and how this little tool and can with you anywhere and support you during anxiety, or other stressful events.

  • If you are accepted into my program, be assured, that you’ll get support every bit of the way!  I give my clients 1000% You will finally, be HEARD! 

Case Study:

Female Client 50-year-old came with complains of sleep issues, fatigue, anxiety, emotionally feeling down and weight gain. 

She has been to several naturopathic doctors and used herbs and other holistic remedies, but nothing was helping her to feel better.  She had struggled for years she said.

She communicated she spent thousands of dollars on testings, harsh detoxes and cleanses at the suggestions of MD and ND.  She was only feeling worse, not better!

She was hesitant to hire anyone after so many disappointments and so much money spent. After a call with me, I had an idea of what other practitioners had missed and I communicated I believe we could navigate this together and get her support.

She applied to work with me and was approved based on the questions in strategy call. After working together for 90 Days in my signature program, she gained energy back, started sleeping well again and reduced her anxiety. In fact, she said she felt better than she had in 15 years. She resumed her passion and started working on her business that she had stopped doing over the years.


If haven’t done so, see if you qualify for a free strategy call. If you have booked your call. Click Testimonials to read more. 



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