My Approach

My Approach

My approach to vitalism and wellness is not about covering up disease with herbs, aromatherapy or topical ointments.   As a vitalist herbalist and functional medicine coach,  I don’t do  ‘this herb is good for that’ type of approach because it doesn’t often work (because of energetics and other issues) long term.

I do use herbs, flower essence and in some cases aromatherapy for support while we are also working on foundational concepts for baseline support. Its like a puzzle, when you have all the pieces and they fit nicely you get a great photo.  It doesn’t have to be difficult with the right support from a professional.

People often have allergies, are on medications, and the herb  they ‘read about’ doesn’t truly fit their case and so they find it didn’t work.  That often means they think holistic protocols don’t work. That’s not the case.

As a professional clinical practitioner, I look at the entire person.  I take time  and listen to you!  We  sit down and look at the entire picture and work up a plan that is individualized to your particular needs. We work together over a period of time to make sure you are getting full support, feedback and tweak what may not be working and add in other things that is needed like sleep, nourishing food, stress transformation, etc.

I listen to your story and help address your personal needs and help support you on your journey to better health.

I specialize in chronic conditions or people frustrated with their medical staff that is not addressing their complicated issues or just frustrated in general and don’t feel like they are making progress.

That’s certainly not all I do, I can just help guide you on minor issues as well. Reach out to me and see how I can help you!

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