My Approach

My Approach


My approach to health and wellness is NOT about Fad Diets, Kits or Cleanses or Detoxes.

As a professional, I help not only educate people, but also empower and motivate people who are ready to make lifestyles changes so they can achieve their health goals and live their passion.  I specialize in women who are busy and feel overstretched and overwhelmed and often fall ill from doing too much.  


I help women look at the gestalt, the entire picture, of how stress, sleep,  self care, along with foods and playtime (or exercise)  may be effecting their health and their energy levels and how what we do daily factors into complete health and wellness (or lack of).  

I don’t focus on calorie counting or numbers on a scale,  but I help women dive deep to look at mind/body practices and other protocol that are often over looked by other wellness practitioners.

As a professional, I  won’t tell you WHAT to do, but rather ask you where you want to go with your health and wellness and why that matters to you. Then with your goals in mind we will develop a plan that fits your needs as a whole. I will help you stay motivated, give helpful reputable resources, and help you stay accountable to you. 

You are just as much a part of the process (more so) than I am.  I will help you, but I cannot do it for you! Make and appointment today for a discovery call to see how you can  make lasting changes to have more energy, and feel great again (like we did in our 20’s) 

If you are exhausted, burned out, and are ready to put yourself first (for once) let’s work together so you can gain your energy back, look and feel great so you can live your passion.

Get ready to…

Feel better, look better, and find the new you!



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