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Are you feeling run down, overwhelmed and exhausted?  Do you struggle to focus and concentrate because your mind is racing? Have a hard time at night sleeping because you are so wired during the day? Is it starting to influence your physical health too?

If so, my ‘Burned Out to Balanced and Brilliance’ Workshop is for you!

As a holistic healer for the past 35 years, an author, I’ve helped hundreds of people take their own power back and regain their calm and happiness.

As a doctoral candidate, entrepreneur and intuitive and  who discovered a natural recovery method that saved my life after the devastating effects of toxic relationships, I now teach others some of these tools to support confidence and calm and feel empowered again so they can have peaceful nights of sleep and a positive outlook on life.

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You see, I was a victim of narcissistic abuse. I had panic attacks, daily IBS, and 7 years of nightmares and a lifetime of night terrors, which led to EXTREME nighttime anxiety which made me exhausted burned out, and the abuse led me to a dark place one day one the darkest places of my life in fact it the relationship was so hard on me it triggered a genetic medical condition that left me almost disabled and doctors were unsure how to treat me. My life crashed and so did my private practice as an herbalist at the time!

But fast forward to now, as a doctoral candidate, I discovered a natural recovery method that not only saved my life after the devastating effects abuse, I also hiked Diamond Head in Hawaii a few years back too, something I was never sure I could do at the darkest moments of my life.  The Mind-Body Medicine model saved my life when conventional methods failed me!


Now I help other kind-hearted women coming out of nasty relationships and other kind-hearted souls who have given all to others only to feel run down and burned out to regain their confidence, calm and feel empowered again so they can have peaceful night’s sleep and reclaim better days with their health, and a positive outlook on life.

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In this workshop, I will teach you a few the topic strategies I use my clients and love that is designed to help manage your anxiety and stress levels so that you can start feeling more relaxed, focused, and in control of your life.

Through this workshop, you’ll discover easy natural tools that can help soothe your nervous system and promote feelings of calm and well-being. You’ll learn how to incorporate simple self-care practices into your daily routine without taking on more! I am also going to email you a free gift after our workshop with some great natural ways for your self-care at home.


So if you’re ready to feel calmer and more balanced daily instead of feeling run into the ground, sign up for this free workshop and share the information with a friend, or as well call it in martial arts, the buddy system. 😀 Hope to see you there!