Private Work With Kelli

Private Work with Kelli

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Ready for one-on-one work with a professional that will transform your health for good?  I am known as the ‘no fad zone.’

My clients say, ‘Kelli is the Real Deal’

Any of these sound like you?

  • Do you struggle with a chronic illness and are interested in natural alternatives to support you?  

  • Are you busy and feel like you have to be ‘wonder woman’ and its starting to affect your health?

  • Are you starting to feel run down or tired all the time?  

  • Do you have moodiness or foggy thinking?  Weight gain or weight loss (unusual –either way– for you)  

  • Do you have low (or lower) sex drive or your cycles are becoming abnormal?  

  • Maybe you have low energy during the day, yet not sleeping well at night too?  Often your mind is racing and you can’t turn it off?

  • Maybe you are catching every cold or illness around and feel sick more than normal? 

  • Are you interested in holistic or alternative therapies, but you are unsure what is fad and what is legitimate?

  • Are you looking online or asking friends on social media about herbs or other holistic principles?   

Well don’t worry, if any of this sounds like you get ready to get some help, NOW!


  • More Energy- Learn Food, Herbs and Natural Ways to Boost your Energy so that you can do more of the things you are passionate about.
  • Better Night’s Sleep so that you can bright eyed instead of feeling like a zombie! Get my favorite Aromatherapy Linen Spray recipe to support you.
  • Calmer Emotions- Discover Herb, Flower Essence and other natural solutions to help calm the tide of emotions that come with exhaustion and overwhelm.
  • Better Focus and Clarity so that you be more productive in you business or other areas of your life.
  • More Motivation- Discover internal ways of motivating yourself that work and learn ways to tame the inner gremlin that may stopping you.
  • Better Mindset and Positive Outlook Discover Mindfulness and Positivity and how it helps you to see what is possible in the future instead of the negative right now.
  • Learn EFT (emotional Freedom Technique) and how this little tool and can with you anywhere and support you during anxiety, or other stressful events.
  • Better Immune Response. Nourishing foods, herbs and calmer lifestyle can help you have a better immune response so that you don’t catch every thing coming and going around you.
  • You’ll get Herbal, Flower Essence and Aromatherapy recipes and recommendations to help you along the way! 


An in depth health and wellness assessment so we can address areas that you need it most ($450 value) 

Six (up to 60 minute PRIVATE calls) highly strategic wellness coaching calls.   Two call per month for 3 months. ($550 value)

Private unlimited support in between sessions with a private management system. ($700 value)

99% Discount on my 90 Program that gives you access to herb, aromatherapy and flower essence making demos!  Lifetime access ($247)

Kelli will work with you in areas that you need it most you’ll get personalized attention from a professional.

I walk the talk and have thousands of hours in advanced  education in solid holistic practices. 

I have advanced certification in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Health/Wellness Coaching and am currently in an intensive Functional Medicine Coach program. ($5000 dollar value)

Total Value: $ 6940

Phase One

Discover the ‘Story of You’ and how to rewrite the story for your future.

Step: 1

Name: Getting Clear on your Goals

How To: Get clear on your goals and finally find ways to break through barriers or obstacles that have been stopping you in the past.

Describe:   You will discover your weakness in your life and you’ll discover use your character strengths to help you move through …

You’ll Learn:

  • Where your weaknesses are in your wellness, so that you can target the right area
  • How to use your character strengthens so that you  can help you to overcome  areas of weakness.
  • How to set goals and ways to stay on track

Bonus Templates

  • Goal and Action Planning Worksheet

Step 2:

Fueling the Stressful Body


Benefits: Gain more energy and better focus


  • You’ll discover EASY ways nourish your body from a cellular level.
  • You’ll learn how to make an easy nourishing herbal infusion to get more minerals and vitamins in your body naturally.
  • You learn how grazing and health snacking can keep energy levels even and emotions level thorough out the day
  • You’ll learn how to boost your digestive system with an easy herbal elixir

Bonus Handouts:

  • Smoothie Recipes
  • Dirty Dozen Handout
  • Deciphering Food Labels
  • 7 Super Simple Whole Food Recipes
  • 60 Whole Food Recipe E-Book



Phase Two

Step 3: Sleep for the Busy Woman 

Benefits: Better sleep can lead to more energy, improved moods, and better focus and clarity

You’ll Learn

  • What may be sabotaging your sleep
  • Easy ways to improve the room for better sleep
  • Habits to help you unwind and get better sleep
  • My favorite Herb and Aromatherapy Recipes to help you get more ZZZZsss
  • Why and how of mini rests throughout the day if/when needed


  • Sleep Mask Handout
  • Aromatherapy Recipe to help you get some sleep


Step 4 :  Self Care and Stress Management


Phase Three

Step 5: Connecting Deeper


Benefits: Calmer emotions, better immunity, more energy and focus


You’ll Learn:

  • Discover ways EFT can support during busy or stressful days
  • Discover how Nature Therapy can help you feel more calmer, more relaxed, reenergized and help your immune system
  • Gratitude plays a role in seeing the world from a better perspective
  • Discover how deep breathing can promote the relaxation response and give you a mini vacation anywhere
  • My favorite herb and aromatherapy recipes to help boost energy.



Daily Printout for Exercise Gratitude

EFT Handout.


Step 6: Mindset and Positivity



99% off my Group Program that includes Recipes, Videos and Extras including:

Herbal Infusion Demo and Handout!  ($47)

Gut Check: EASY Allergy Elimination and Re-challenge  Video and Handouts ($197)

Exercise Video and Handout ($47)

Why Diets Don’t Work Video and Handout ($47)

Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes to support you! ($197)


Discount on Extended Work with me (6 More Sessions to be used with 2 years)  Should you need them for a discounted rate!   $500  off retail