Botanical Perfume

Botanical perfumes
Local Artisan, Handmade and Self Formulated. Not massed produced. 

Made with ethically and high quality essential oils and NOT fragrance oils (EVER). It NOT strong like perfume you buy in the store!, It’s designed to be subtle and not overpowering, so do not worry if you apply a little more than you think you should.

How to wear:  A little on the back of the knees, wrists and neck so that you smell it is enough. Reapplying during the day is fine.

Purpose: Many of my scents are designed with a purpose in mind. I wanted my perfume to be more than just smelling good. Many are designed to uplift, relax, ground you, or maybe make you feel a little frisky.

Who designs them?   I and my daughter design and formulate all of our perfumes.  Her signature scent is Sonbird. the rest are my creation. I do my own work and a lot of time, thought and energy goes it to my creations.  I want them to be muti-purposeful  So, each scent has a different purpose and this is normal (so if you feel one invigorates you that normal, or relaxes you, that’s fine too).

Who can wear them? : Many people who can’t tolerate store perfumes CAN use botanical perfumes (I personally cannot use chemical perfumes but I can use these), but as always follow your body and your intuition we want people to be safe!

My perfume has stuff on the bottom, what’s that? In some cases (depending on temperature) you perfume may develop a tiny bit of sediment in the bottom of the jar.  This is not harmful different EOs have different viscosity, just shake well and continue to use.

What’s the return policy? We cannot take returns on perfumes unless it comes damaged due to safety reasons (they roll on the skin).   If it comes damaged, take pictures and alert me ASAP.

Enjoy! 5ML bottles in organic jojoba

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