Don’t Tell My Achy Breaky Knees

$ 20.99

Popular Product for those with achy joints (several martial artist I know use this).   Many folks love this item!!



NEW AND IMPROVED!!!   (same formula just a little stronger)

Synergistic Essential Oil Blend for achy joints. This is great as an adjuvant therapy.

I formulated this for my knees and elbows when they are overworked and feeling like they need a little TLC. I do martial arts and I have achy knees from time to time. This product has been useful. Topic Use only, Always use Essential oil blends with caution and discontinue if reaction of any kind occurs.

Nourishing foods, and other therapies are the best choice and are my go to most if not all issues, BUT sometimes you need extra help. Always work with a professional herbalist who can help you with chronic issues.

1 ounce Roll on glass bottle.

Do NOT use if you suspect allergies to any of these items:
Sunflower Oil, Essential Oils of Juniper, Spruce, Pine, Black Pepper, Ginger, and Eucalyptus
For Educational purposes only. None of the information here is for medical purposes nor verified by the FDA.