Energetic House Clearing/Home Blessing

$ 225.00



Within 30 minutes drive only (please confirm via phone or email before purchasing that this is a match for you).  Refunds are given less a $25.00 processing fee, so please confirm before purchase.

Do you watch Dead Files?  Amy Allen often recommends and suggests a Reiki Master for energetic clearing of a home.   Energetic ‘stuff sometimes finds its way back to homes or was there to begin with before you moved in.   Sometimes  those who are sensitive or empaths are like light houses to energetic issues and things find their way back with them,  and they may not know it.  Other time people may open doors accidentally and may invite things and not know it (I sadly see this a lot as TV and other media promote such things).  Did the couple that live before you in the house divorce or fight?  Clear out all that junk!!   Look your home should be a safe place both physically and spiritually. This is where you rest and rejuvenate.

I use Reiki,  the Psalms and prayers with Angels, along with Smudging (smudge produces smoke) to energetically cleanse your home (great to do before moving ins)   and or to bless a new home.   I do not do paranormal readings or ‘call in’ things, I do my best to remove things with respect and dignity.

Please physically clean and declutter your home for best results before my visit.

This is for residence only, if you are a business please call to get pre-approval as prices vary with the size of a business.

If you are sensitive to smudge smoke, I will use only Reiki and Psalms and prayers (I call in angels for protection).


Disclaimer Some stubborn situations may need advanced care.  In some cases people in the home could re-call or bring issues back with their activity.   Please be mindful of this. Once I come to your home and do the clearing, there are no refunds on the service.  Should you need advanced care I will make suggestions.