Essential Oil Safety Class

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Want to make sure the information you are getting is legit and not from someone with little or poor training. This is the class for you!!!   You get safety info and free recipes to get you started along with reputable learning resources for further study! 

This class was created for people who cannot attend my in person class due to location or time reasons. It is a small fee to help cover the cost of creating it and offering it to a larger group of people.  We wanted to get the word to many, many people!  This class is designed to give you thorough information in a short amount of time and give you great resources for further education.  It is NOT a complete Essential Oil course. It will help you look for red flags and be able to spot untrained individuals FAST and be safe! 

Who am I?  I am Appalachian born, bred and raised Herbalist/Aromatherapist and Martial Artist And you will hear that in my accent.   I am very passionate about safety! I am real, I don’t church it up. I tell you the straight truth!  But you will have a good time too!  

Topics Included

General Safety Warnings

Professionals Verses Salespeople

Tools in the Tool Box

Home Pharmacy Oils

Resources and Links for further research. 

Question and Answer to Common Questions

Bonus Recipes!