Good Ol’ Dog Remedy

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Do you have a Good Ol’ Dog?  Getting up there in age, and needs a little help with pain for mobility? This is a great product and many people love it for the older dog!  Try it today!

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Propriety blend. 2 ounce bottle. DOGS only! Internal use.
Do you have a Good Ol’ Dog? Has the dog served you well and now needs little care? This is used for dogs that are advanced in age that may need extra TLC and may be minor aches or pains or even mobility issues. Developed specifically for older dogs.   Even my own Rat Terrier who started licking constantly on her joints uses it and she’s  feels much better.  I wish I had made this many years ago for my Weimaraner. BUT now I have it for my dogs and you can too!

Use 1-2 drops to test sensitivity to assure no reaction. Dogs of different sizes will need dosage adjustment. Also use drop doses and stay with small doses and adjust as needed. More is not always better with herbs.  5 drops or less may be enough for a small dog (maybe even 1-2 drops this can depend on the dog.

A medium sized  dog may need more of course 5-10 drops,  and a larger dog may use 10-15.

Please use wisely. Always start with drop doses to see what works! Not intended for long-term use with young or juvenile dogs (that may mean something major is going on and medical care may need to be sought). Not intended to be a substitute for Veterinary care. Always use care and caution when introducing something new to your dog.

For education use only, none of the suggestions are intended to replace proper medical care. NOT for cats or other animal species.

Here’s just one review:    My dog would not be here today if it wasn’t for “Good Ol Dog”. He used to be in pain all the time but now he gets around great. He likes to run around and play like he used to.If you have an older dog or one that seems to be in pain make sure you give it a try. Lori C

NONE of the information contained here is for medical use. 


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