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Hi, I am Kelli a mind-body medicine expert and co-creator of success. I'm on a mission teach people how to use the power of their own minds to get the results they want to attain personal goals.

The answers you seek are within you, and hypnosis can help bring that out so we can help ourselves instead of looking to something else!  I can help you tap into that! 

Did you know that trance is

  • Safe

  • Natural

  • Something we ALL do naturally, already (so harness it and gain what you want) 

 Have you ever lost track of time while reading a book, watching TV, or doing in a hobby?

This is trance and it is a natural state that we use in hypnosis.

In my doctoral program, I learned clinical and applied hypnosis. This certification, is advanced level  that few 'hypnotherapists' are trained in.

In our remote professional sessions together, I will gently guide you into this relaxed trance state for purposes to help you achieve your goals.


Sample Clients that have gotten great results:

• Authors looking to finish or start a new book

• Smoking Cessation (quit smoking)

• Improving moods (depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc)

• Restful Sleep (insomnia etc.)

• Reclaiming self-esteem after toxic partners or abuse

• Increasing income in business

• Quit eating sugars or stopping an addiction of any kind

• Weight loss


...hypnosis is the vehicle for empowering people with the abilities and realizations that ultimately can help them

~Michael D. Yapko, PhD

Being stuck in the trauma response makes it harder for the clients to imagine, learn new things, find the time or ways to play.

Hypnosis can also help build positive automatic thoughts and help clients set up goals and follow through with those goals.

Inner child work or ‘parts work’ in hypnosis can help support the healing.

Strengthening the client’s self-esteem can be done by working using ego strengthening suggestions.

Hypnosis’s effectiveness is higher if the client has a deep motivation to overcome the challenges and wanting forward motion towards goals.

A practitioner in hypnosis can help, please check the credentials of anyone you choose, as experience and proper training mean you get the best experience and results. 

Schedule a free call consultation to see how hypnosis can help you to go from surviving to thriving. This is not a quick fix rather a healing journey. Healing can be messy, but it is worth it. I know I have been there too!  


“Saybrook University’s Clinical and Applied Hypnosis program meets the requirements set forth by the Standards of Training published by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) and the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH), this program includes substantial reading and discussion of the academic research underlying the use of hypnosis. Graduates will master the use of multiple hypnosis inductions, self-hypnosis procedures, and multiple hypnotic suggestion techniques.”


Saybrook University. (2023). Clinical and applied hypnosis

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About your Practitioner 

Kelli R. Hughart, PhD-c, FMCHC, RMT, CPC, CH, is a doctoral candidate at Saybrook University College of Integrative Health and Sciences and Professional Positive Psychology Trauma-Informed Coach.

She loves all things nature-related. She holds multiple certifications in coaching, plant-based therapies like aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, and herbal medicine.

She’s an empath and passionate entrepreneur, well-known thought leader, and Reiki Master/Teacher. As a martial artist (5th Degree black belt) she is instrumental in helping women step into their power.

She gives back to her community through wildlife rehabilitation, and education.

To discover more about this topic and how mind-body medicine and positive psychology coaching can support you, and speed your healing reach out to me.

WAITLIST: Apply now and see if you qualify for a free call with me. I will share resources and we can discuss the next best steps that can be helpful to your unique situation

Information contained here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any diseases

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Information Contained Here is For educational Purposes Only!

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