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Access Your Hypnosis Recording Here Access Your Herbal Recipes Here Access the Recording of Mind Body Medicine and Trauma Recovery Here Tips for Mindful Movement Mindfulness Benefits Article My Top Essential Oils for Mood My Top Flower Essences for Mood My Top Herbs for Mood 22 Easy Ways to Take Care of You! Grab a Ignite your Inner Light Breakthrough Call with Kelli Valued at $400 (Free) me and Slainte

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What is Complex Stress Syndrome

Complex stress syndromes (formally referred as PTSD, Adrenal Burnout, CPTSD), are extreme stress-based response due to prolonged or repetitive events like childhood emotional abuse, workplace bullying, domestic or interpersonal abuse (i.e. financial, sexual, emotional, or physical abuse).

Trauma rewires your brain to see danger everywhere.

Clients often exhibit distortions of emotion regulation, pervasive negative self-concepts, and difficult interpersonal relationships like lack of trust.

It is characterized by severe and persistent feelings of shame, guilt, and failure.

There is nothing wrong with you! This is a normal reaction to the hell you are going through!

Mind-body medicine tools have been proven to build new pathways called neuroplasticity, this, over time can lead to more calm and happiness.

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Mind-Body Medicine and Clinical Hypnosis Approach

Hi, I’m Kelli! I am an expert in an evidence-based method of healing called Mind-body medicine and clinical hypnosis. Hypnosis with Trauma-informed ICF certificied coach is considered a speedier modality to layer in to your current healing, so you can make FASTER progress for LESS money!

Mind-body medicine is a new, modern revolutionary approach to emotional and physical wellbeing. Experts like me don’t rely on fads, or smoke and mirrors.

We promote healing that includes a wide range of behavioral and lifestyle interventions that are on an equal basis with conventional medicine.

I work virtually so you can gain support from the comfort of your own home.

I currently do have a wait list, but I do have an E-course open for enrollment for currently Go HERE

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How Do I Know?

From previous toxic relationships, I developed complex stress syndrome (cPTSD) and adrenal burnot (allostatic load burden). Therapy, while helping me validate my feelings and the ‘war zone’ I was living in, was not enough. I needed more!  I reached out and got support through tools I learned in my doctorate program at Saybrook University (an accredited graduate institution in the US).

The road to recovery was not overnight, but I learned secret tips, tricks, and bio-hacks to speed my progress and I have shared the same process with my clients.

My clients and I Have used this Drug Free and Natural Method to:

  • Increased happiness levels by 95%

  • Greatly Reduced or Eliminate Panic Attacks by 95%

  • Reduce Nightmares and Insomnia by 92%

  • Increased Confidence and Improved Self Esteem by 95%

  • Reduced Pain by 85%

  • Reduced Imposter Syndrome by 97%

  • Increased Energy by 85%

  • Increased Focus and Memory by 93%

  • Reduced Flashbacks and Triggers by 95%

Sign Up for My 6 Week Ecourse Based on My Doctoral Work

 About Me:

Hi, I am Kelli R. Hughart, PhD-c, FMCHC, RMT, CPC, CH

I’m a published thought leader, author, and course creator and hold several state teacher licenses. My poster on this topic was accepted into ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis).

I love all things nature-related and give back to my community through wildlife rehabilitation.

I hold multiple advanced certifications and education in

  • Coaching (Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Trauma-Informed Life Coaching)

  • Plant-based therapies

    • Clinical Herbal Medicine (AHG-approved school)

    • Clinical Aromatherapy  (NAHA3 Level )

    • Green Spirit Wise Craft Medicine (AHG-approved school)

    • Flower essence and medicine maker

  • Hypnosis

    • Clinical and Applied Hypnosis (Accredited School)

    • Trauma-Informed and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

    • Hypnosis for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    • Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Stress Reduction Facilitator

Information contained here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any diseases. Kelli does not represent any herb or essential oil company, thus reccomendations are based on education, not kick-back).

This work does not take the place of medications or your work with your mental health provider, this work is another tool to layer in with those professionals.
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